How Internet Explorer Handles Lists (ul and ol)

Microsoft Internet Explorer (at least versions prior to 7) seems to have some annoying bugs concerning lists in HTML.

  1. Problem: Margin between list items (“li”). If you set the margin of a list item to 0px in CSS, IE will still show a gap between the list items.
    Fix: Set a width for the list item (“li”) and the list itself (“ul”, “ol”). 100% will do the trick in most cases.
    The margin issue is fixed by this but it leads us to the next problem:
  2. Problem: When you set a width for a list item in an ordered, that is, numbered list (“ol”), Internet Explorer won’t count properly anymore.
    Fix: I don’t know any.

2 Responses to “How Internet Explorer Handles Lists (ul and ol)”

  1. HKK says:

    Hi, I just ran into problem no. 2 (with IE7): when a width for an OL was specified, it didnt display the numbers at all. (IE8 renders it correctly though)
    Easy fix: surround the OL with a DIV and give the DIV the desired width — the OL will then just fit into it and have the same width also (assuming the DIV doesnt have any padding applied)


  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the hint! 🙂

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