EA DOG-M162 Character Display Python Library for Raspberry Pi

A few days ago I found this display in a drawer and thought it would be a useful addition to the graphics display
that’s already connected to my Raspberry Pi. As there was no library avaiable for the
DOG-M162 (at least I couldn’t find anything), I wrote one myself.
This probably wasn’t exactly rocket science, but I thought I’d share it here: dogm.py

Here’s a short example how to use it:

import dogm

disp = dogm.DOGM()
disp.init('/dev/spidev0.0', 0) # First argument: SPI device name, second argument: GPIO pin you connected RS to)
disp.clearDisplay() # Clears the display... obviously
disp.displayString("Hello",0) # Writes string into first line of display
disp.displayString("World",1) # Writes string into second line of display

4 Responses to “EA DOG-M162 Character Display Python Library for Raspberry Pi”

  1. Jakob says:


    Thank you for sharing your Libary!
    But i tried the example you showed above and my Display is absolutely not reacting.
    I have set the SPI Device Name the right way.
    Should i set the RS Pin after the RPI GPIO Numbering, the RPI Pin Numbering or the Wiringpi Pin Numbering?

    I think i have tried all of them but the Display is not reacting. The Hardware is OK i have tested it with a very slow Python Libary wich communicates over Data Mode. So the Problem is something different.

    Maybe you know something.


  2. admin says:

    Hi, unfortunately I’ve got no possibility to test it right now but it really should work. You have to use the WiringPi numbering scheme for the RS pin. Martin.

  3. Örjan Sunnerhagen says:

    Do you think it will work with the EA DOGM132W?
    I’m maybie going to buy one and want to know it’s not too hard to use with a raspberry pi. How did you wire it?

  4. NFarrow says:

    Could you create a full tutorial maybe using a EA DOGS102? Thanks in advance.

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